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Gameboy Mode?

SleepNinja | splataclysm |
Short post. Just was toying around with idea of a Gameboy Mode for Splataclysm today. We are trying to come up with a TON of mods for everyone to play...

Some Mad Max Parody Love

SleepNinja | splataclysm |
Some concepts for parody characters for Splataclysm. It’s “Miffed Mac” and “Goriosa!” Both will utilize a special skill called “Interception!” using a certain car. 😉

Global Game Jam: Umbilicus

SleepNinja | Uncategorized |
Yori and I (Justin) had a blast at this year’s Global Game Jam! Taking place at Portland’s GGJ site at the Art Institute with PIGsquad, we saw a a good 100+ person turn...

Super Splataclysm progress

SleepNinja | splataclysm |
Hey everyone! First of all I want to be better about frequently posting progress on our blog this time around. We kinda went a bit too quiet on Monsters, so...