Victory! Kickstarter Funded!

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Needless to say, it’s been an amazing month for us. We went from being unsure of our chances of ever being able to release a game in multiple markets, to knowing that not only were our chances great, but that so many people were just as excited to see it happen as we are. So again, (I hope you’re not tired of us saying it) thank you all so much for making our kickstarter campaign such an amazing success!

We’ve got a lot of work to do, and now that our campaign is finished, we can focus all of our energy and time into the game to make sure it’s the best quest for dessert justice ever wrought upon your technological device of choice. Some of you may be wondering what exactly the extra money we’ve been pledged will be going towards, and here is a simplified breakdown of what we’re planning to do with it:

  • Making sure the game is play-tested thoroughly on the major device makes and models.
  • Disasterpeace — bigger & better soundtrack!
  • Bringing on a sound designer (Jordan Fehr)
  • Cinematic cutscenes!
  • + Packing as much content into the game as we can!

To satiate you until then, know that we will be posting updates of our progress periodically on our Facebook page, including a new feature called “Monster Monday” that we will be starting on the first Monday of every month. This feature will include a spotlight of one of the monsters from the game with a sneak peek at that monster’s abilities and a bit of backstory as to why they’ve chosen to help Niko defeat the Boogin King!

We’d also like to take this time to thank our 6 largest pledges, and the proud owners of the “Name a shopkeeper” tiers and “Design your own monster” tier. You guys rock! We love the crumbs out of you!

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