2014 July 03

Thank You

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We’d like to thank our fans and backers for their enthusiasm about our game, Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake. This has been a dream project for us. We’ve been gamers all our lives, and this title is a love letter to our childhood. We’ve strived to capture the nostalgia of favorite games from our youth like Legend of ZeldaYoshi’s Island and Super Mario World for a new generation by way of a pop art style reminiscent of designer toys such as KidRobot, Funko Pop! and Uglydoll, all in a fantastical setting inspired by classic worlds like Neverland. The visuals, sound and gameplay are a celebration of these aesthetics and tropes. We are humbled by the incredible support we’ve received since our Kickstarter campaign launched in January 2013, and although the Steam and mobile launches have kept us busy this past week, we are always available to our fans.

Thank you again,