2014 December

Super Splataclysm progress

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Hey everyone! First of all I want to be better about frequently posting progress on our blog this time around. We kinda went a bit too quiet on Monsters, so I really want to try and share as much as possible. With that said here is some of the art and animations I’ve been working on for our new game Super Splataclysm!

Here is a mock up of the Tetanus Tundra arena concept. As well as some character ideas:
idea3 Here are some of the animations I’ve been messing with as well: dozer_Movedozer_Acid Deathdozer_Head ChopPowerKill

I’ll keep posting more as the project goes on, so more soon!


New Monsters Free Holiday Update!

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Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 9.53.34 AM

We’ve launched a free winter update for Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake! In Powder Peaks, a strange old weirdo named Codger the Elf has appeared and, you guessed it, he needs Niko’s help! Unlock 5 new levels in the snowy winter wonderland where you’ll take a break from hunting cake and instead will be on the lookout for missing holiday presents. Complete Codger’s task, save Presents Day from a nefarious baddie, and you’ll earn Niko a festive new costume!

To access these new levels, which are set apart by their holiday present icon, you will first need to speak to Codger the Elf at his shack near the end of Powder Peaks.

We hope you enjoy these new levels and the introduction of a silly new character, and, as always, we want to thank you for playing Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake!

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