New Monsters Free Holiday Update!

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We’ve launched a free winter update for Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake! In Powder Peaks, a strange old weirdo named Codger the Elf has appeared and, you guessed it, he needs Niko’s help! Unlock 5 new levels in the snowy winter wonderland where you’ll take a break from hunting cake and instead will be on the lookout for missing holiday presents. Complete Codger’s task, save Presents Day from a nefarious baddie, and you’ll earn Niko a festive new costume!

To access these new levels, which are set apart by their holiday present icon, you will first need to speak to Codger the Elf at his shack near the end of Powder Peaks.

We hope you enjoy these new levels and the introduction of a silly new character, and, as always, we want to thank you for playing Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake!

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Thank You

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We’d like to thank our fans and backers for their enthusiasm about our game, Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake. This has been a dream project for us. We’ve been gamers all our lives, and this title is a love letter to our childhood. We’ve strived to capture the nostalgia of favorite games from our youth like Legend of ZeldaYoshi’s Island and Super Mario World for a new generation by way of a pop art style reminiscent of designer toys such as KidRobot, Funko Pop! and Uglydoll, all in a fantastical setting inspired by classic worlds like Neverland. The visuals, sound and gameplay are a celebration of these aesthetics and tropes. We are humbled by the incredible support we’ve received since our Kickstarter campaign launched in January 2013, and although the Steam and mobile launches have kept us busy this past week, we are always available to our fans.

Thank you again,



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Hey everyone,

We just got back from Boston recently, and PAXEast was a blast! It was great to catch up with some of our backers, hang out with the Cartoon Network crew, and meet other awesome devs.  We wanted to thank everyone that came by and checked out that game, and we hope you enjoyed it!

We also wanted to share our Destructoid interview with Jonathan Holmes! So check that and some photos out below.

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Portland Retro Gaming Expo

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Hello everyone!

This year we hit up Portland Retro Game Expo this past Saturday and Sunday and it was a smashing success! We had an early demo of the game available for those who made it out and had a blast watching everyone check it out! Those who tried our game gave us some very positive sentiments. We also gathered a lot of useful info on people’s play styles as well as other feedback that will help us in making the game even better.

All and all the reception was extremely positive which we are super stoked about. We made sure to sneak away and check out (and buy… haha) lots of amazing artwork, games, and other goodies at the expo! And got to play an early demo of Crypt Of The NecroDancer, which is amazing!

We made sure include some pics below! Read More

Halloween Goodies

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We just wanted to share these pumpkin templates for some Halloween fun! We recommend that you get a pumpkin carving kit and use a pounce wheel to trace over the patterns. Be sure to post your Pumpkins on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and give us a tag! Read More