Global Game Jam: Umbilicus

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Yori and I (Justin) had a blast at this year’s Global Game Jam! Taking place at Portland’s GGJ site at the Art Institute with PIGsquad, we saw a a good 100+ person turn out this year, which was amazing! We teamed up with Corey Warning over at Jumpdrive Studios (another indie game studio right here in Portland) and Andrew Pomeroy. We blasted through the concept phase relatively quick over some burrito nomz, and dove right in to development. The idea being wanting to do a 4 player co-op game involving being chained together. I personally got around 7 hours sleep over a 48 hour period because we rushed to get everything done Saturday/early Sunday morning because we couldn’t participate on Sunday. The result of which produced Umbilicus: Descent Team Delta. You can download it free on the Global Game Jam site, along with all the other great games made over the weekend. (We highly recommend checking out Shitty Voltron and He & Us)

Stranded in a hostile environment, and bound together by an oxygen hose, Descent Team Delta must carefully coordinate their escape from this alien planet.

Each player must use their special abilities wisely—as the lives of their teammates literally hang in the balance—or else they will soon face a hilarious and grisly death!

  • Xbox 360 Controller Supported – up to 4.
  • Keyboard dynamically supports up to 2 players, in conjunction with up to 2 more players using gamepads.
  • Windows, OSX

Download The Game HERE

Dev Log : http://umbilicus.victorydept.com/