Set sail with Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo in an epic adventure on the high seas!

Thirty Days & Seven Seas lets you play as Jeff, Sumo and Clarence in their pirate personas, Captain Blackhook, Crusty Pete and Mr. Tobias J. Tobias. Each one has radically different attacks and can spend doubloons with Chad the Quartermaster to unlock and upgrade more skills.

Journey through a variety of exotic lands, each packed to the gills with pirates, ghosts, monsters, and ne’er-do-wells who want to destroy your ship, capture your crew and/or steal your booty!

Batten down the hatches, swab the poop deck and set sail for adventure with Clarence in Thirty Days & Seven Seas!




  • Explore the high seas as Jeff, Sumo and Clarence
  • Unique board game hybrid with turn-based strategic battles
  • Level up your crew and unlock savvy new skills
  • Tons of dice-rolling, card-playing fun fit for a pirate
  • Visit Chad the Quartermaster for ARRR-some upgrades
  • Endless adventure with randomly generated boards
  • Original voiceover by the cast of Clarence

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