The edge of your seat, gore-soaked, multiplayer gaming experience you had to wait until the end of the world for!

Are you ready for an unrelenting, adrenaline-fueled bloodsport so extreme that it threatens earth’s very existence? Well chug your energy drink and prepare your puny, mortal thumbs for the Splataclysm!

Take control the wasteland’s most powerful and cutthroat warriors in the deadliest sport known to man. Fight your way through hordes of violent bandits, twisted mutants, and insane bosses, all while combating your fellow opponents! Collect the severed heads of your opponents by sailing sharp instruments of death through beefy wads of neck-steak. The twist? Each contestant’s implanted craniums are rigged to blow. Chuck said firework show of brain matter and dentistry at other opponents to amass the highest score!

*Disclaimer – Best played with punching distance of friends.
*Disclaimer – We are not responsible for any harm caused by punching your friends.




• Chaotic 90’s inspired arcade multiplayer action for up to 4 players!
• Slash your way to victory with a stockpile of death dealing weapons!!
• Make it rain with the GoreNado 64x ULTRA™ gore engine!!!*
• A heap of deadly arenas to master!!!!
• Buttloads of awesome characters to unlock!!!!!
• Flawlessly compatible with the hands-free Turbo-Gauntlet®!!!!!!*
• A megaton of different game-modes and crazy modifiers to unlock!!!!!!!
• Excessive use of punctuation!!!!!!!?*

* satire, not a real thing.

Earth. The year – 2066.

Sixty six years after the Y2K, Turbo-China has left much of the world in ruins. The president has declared martial law. Australia has broken away from Earth and returned to its home planet. Windbreakers are back in.

TL;DR: Earth is now a smoking ball of crap.

Bloodthirsty gangs roam the wastelands, cutthroat warlords control the major settlements, and amidst the chaos, a barbaric new bloodsport has emerged… where the devastated world’s most ruthless warriors compete for fame, glory, and the chance to be the Splataclysm champion!

 Splataclysm News

Gameboy Mode?

SleepNinja | splataclysm |
Short post. Just was toying around with idea of a Gameboy Mode for Splataclysm today. We are trying to come up with a TON of mods for everyone to play...

Some Mad Max Parody Love

SleepNinja | splataclysm |
Some concepts for parody characters for Splataclysm. It’s “Miffed Mac” and “Goriosa!” Both will utilize a special skill called “Interception!” using a certain car. 😉

Super Splataclysm progress

SleepNinja | splataclysm |
Hey everyone! First of all I want to be better about frequently posting progress on our blog this time around. We kinda went a bit too quiet on Monsters, so...

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