Portland Retro Gaming Expo

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Hello everyone!

This year we hit up Portland Retro Game Expo this past Saturday and Sunday and it was a smashing success! We had an early demo of the game available for those who made it out and had a blast watching everyone check it out! Those who tried our game gave us some very positive sentiments. We also gathered a lot of useful info on people’s play styles as well as other feedback that will help us in making the game even better.

All and all the reception was extremely positive which we are super stoked about. We made sure to sneak away and check out (and buy… haha) lots of amazing artwork, games, and other goodies at the expo! And got to play an early demo of Crypt Of The NecroDancer, which is amazing!

We made sure include some pics below! Read More

Halloween Goodies

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We just wanted to share these pumpkin templates for some Halloween fun! We recommend that you get a pumpkin carving kit and use a pounce wheel to trace over the patterns. Be sure to post your Pumpkins on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and give us a tag! Read More

Monster Monday: Groggnar!

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We are kicking off our first Monster Monday with Groggnar, the lovable Muckwic! Keep an eye out the first monday of each month for bios and tidbits on the friends and foes of Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake!


Victory! Kickstarter Funded!

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Needless to say, it’s been an amazing month for us. We went from being unsure of our chances of ever being able to release a game in multiple markets, to knowing that not only were our chances great, but that so many people were just as excited to see it happen as we are. So again, (I hope you’re not tired of us saying it) thank you all so much for making our kickstarter campaign such an amazing success! Read More